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Oldest Known U.S. Made Motorcycle To Be Auctioned April 21, 2012  
Published by Cyril Huze April 14th, 2012 in Builders, Editorial and Events.

It is supposed to be the oldest unrestored motorcycle made in the US, the only known 1903 Indian. Steve Rinker, who runs Buck’s Indian, an Indian motorcycle restoration firm in Romney, explains: “The handful of 1902 Indian models that were built were deconstructed, their parts used to build the 1.75-horsepower 1903 models. And as far as we know, this is the only unrestored.””Except for a few nuts and bolts used for early repairs, this bike is all original,” added Josh Ruby, the auctioneer entrusted with selling the motorcycle in Western Maryland on April 21 for the Alder Jr.’s estate.
After hanging on a dentist’s wall for 30 years, it has been stowed in a garage and then a basement. Multiple pre-1930 Indian and Harley Davidson motorcycles – and even a side car – will
 accompany the 1903 model on the auction block. The auction will also include 1940′s automobiles, World War II memorabilia, and antique railroad items – over 900 lots of collectible antiques in all. Online bidding is available via Proxy Bid. Print-resolution pictures of the 1903 Indian and other bikes, as well as a scan of a 1903 Indian motorcycle owner’s manual, are available upon request.