The War And Peace Revival


Held in Kent, United Kingdom, it’s the largest and greatest celebration of military vehicles and vintage lifestyle on the planet. Displays and rides on war tanks, cars, motorcycles, planes and helicopters. Demonstrations and training on the use of WW1 and WW@ weapons. A village with shops and displays to demonstrate the important roles that women played during war through voluntary organisations and work. A market where you can buy and trade vintage models. Professional re-enactors showing you how battles were fought, shooting and explosions included. Camping during 5 days to to soak up the full war atmosphere and not miss any of the events of this 5-day action packed show.

The only place where you can see GI’s having tea with Vietcongs, where British soldiers fraternize with SS-Troops to discuss the incidence of “Brexit”, where BMW motorcycles roam a prairie among Russian tanks etc. Harley WLA’s outnumber the German Zündapp’s and BMW’s, not to forget the Kettenkrad, once dubbed by Easyriders as the Nazi Chopper…You guessed it, the main objective of The War And Peace Revival is to keep war history alive in the collective memory especially now that a whole generation of those who fought these wars is fading away. Motographer Horst Roesler, a war history buff, is on location currently aboard a Spitfire fighting some imaginary ennemies. During a cease fire he was able to sent me these very cool pictures.