Blue40Two Custom Harley Bagger

A custom job performed in only 7 weeks!


The craftsmanship behind many radical baggers is often incredible, for the best … or the worst final result. And I don’t fear stating that this new creation from German builder Fred Kodlin is probably at the top of the most beautiful examples of what can be done when using a Harley-Davidson touring chassis. A custom job performed in only 7 weeks!

Fred has always built extreme motorcycles, most often mixing swooping lines with a touch of aggressive components, making all his builds elegant while still keeping the tough personality that all motorcycles should keep. And “Blue 40 Two is a new great example of a style which is now his trademark.

2kodlinbagger2biskodlinIt helps all custom builders to have a client who trust you 100%. Berliner Thomas Ney already owned 2 Kodlin creations when he ordered this radical Bagger based on 2013 Road Glide Custom. The amazing fact regarding this project is that Ney could agree in advance on the most essential body components because they are high end bolt-on parts available to all from the Kodlin catalog… Kodlin’s magic make them looking as one-off parts on which he would have spent hundred of hours.

14kodlin6kodlin15kodlin5kodlinThe 2013 factory Road Glide® Custom, the low version of the shark-nose Harley-Davidson Classic, is based on a single-spar, rigid backbone frame with a stout swingarm developed to withstand the demands of long-haul touring riders and today’s powerful engines. So, the only alteration Fred Kodlin thought necessary, and the one from which “Blue 40 Two began to acquire its stance, was to rake the factory 29.2° neck to 38°.  A task accomplished with his own proprietary weld-in frame piece (TUV approved.) To the frame is now attached a superb 2” longer inverted front end from Italian ODC and holding a 30” 5-spoke wheel from Metalsport. Braking is via dual discs, each equipped with a 6-piston caliper from Performance Machine.

4kodlin10kodlinIn the back, the rear wheel being invisible, the HD 18” factory model was kept, as was the stock 4-piston caliper. Overall braking setup is powerful enough to slow the 103” bagger to a stop, although the motor went for some extra muscle to G&R Racing where it went from stock 1690 cc to 1800 cc. One of Kodlin air filters was bolted on it. Motor and HD factory 6-speed cruise drive tranny, front end and front wheel were powdercoated in glossy black.

19kodlin7kodlinRegarding body parts, extended for drop seat gas tank is from Paul Yaffee. Steel 30” front fender is from Kodlin, as are the spectacular “Long Baller” saddlebags and matching rear fender. And to go from a plush ride to show demo and back on the road, Blue 40 Two uses adjustable Air Legend suspension shocks. A very Germanic style front fairing was hand fabricated at the shop to welcome a pair of LED lights. Rider feet now rest on a set of Kodlin “F32” floorboards. Fred Kodlin applied himself the striking solid matte blue pearl, an awesome visual contrast to all the black powder coated engine, tranny and custom parts. Kodlin Motorcycles. (photos courtesy Kodlin for C. Huze)

3terkodlinTech Sheet

Name. Blue 40 Two
Owner. Thomas Ney
City. Berlin
Builder. Kodlin Motorcycles
Time Of Build. 7 weeks
Completed. June 2016
Model. Custom FLTRX
Motor. 113” Harley/G&R RACING Powdercoated
Carburator. EFI
Air cleaner. Kodlin
Exhaust. S&S
Mufflers. Jekill & Hyde
Transmission. 6-speed HD Powdercoated
Driveline. HD
Frame. HD modified neck by Fred Kodlin (with European TÜV Certificate)
Rake. 38°
Drop seat kit
Swingarm. HD
Front end. Inverted by ODC
Hersteller/Type/Constructeur/merk/Marca/Constructor: ODC
Front. 4 x 30” with 140/40.30 tire
Rear. 5.5 x 18” with 200/45-18 tire
Brakes. 6-piston front Performance Machine, Harley stock rear.
Bars. Kodlin Motorcycles
Mirrors. Ness
Grips/hand Controls. Performance Machine Hydraulic Clutch
Floorboards. Kodlin “F32” floorboards
Kennzeichenhalter/Number-Plate Holder:
Gas Tank. Yaffee extended for drop seat
Seat. Maik X
Front fender. Steel by Kodlin Motorcycles
Rear End/Saddlebags. Kodlin Motorcycles
Headlight. LED Kodlin Motorcycles
Taillight. LED Kodlin Motorcycles
Turn Signals. LED Kodlin Motorcycles./Verniciature/Pintura:
Painter. Fred Kodlin.
Color. Matte Blue Pearl
Contact. Borken / Hessen, Germany Tel. 05682-70710
Website. Kodlin Motorcycles

Published by Cyril Huze November 14th, 2016