Indian ‘flashback’ the scout 45

Published by Cyril Huze January 13th, 2017

Originally designed by Charles B. Franklin, and introduc
ed as a 1920 model, the Scout rivaled the Chief as Indian’s most important model.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 1927 Indian Scout 45

In 1927, with the Scout 45, the engine went from 37 cubic inch or 610 cc to 45 cubic inch or 740 cc. The reason for engine displacement increase was the strong competition from the Excelsior Super X model.

In print ads, Indian’s Springfield factory was promoting the Scout 45 using a test made on March 2, 1927 by a certain Bob Armstrong who performed 2 times in a row an acceleration from 5 to 65 mph in just 10 seconds.

in 1928, the Scout 45 was replaced by another Charles B. Franklin design, the Model 101, the first Indian model equipped with a front brake. It became legendary for its exceptional handling.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor 1927 Indian Scout 45