What do you have between your legs?

Proof Positive – Motorcycle Riding Good for the Soul

Anyone who rides a motorcycle can probably tell you that riding a motorcycle isn’t just a form of transportation, it’s an experience. When you return from a motorcycle ride, you are energized and happy. Many motorcyclists refer to riding as their therapy. Feel bad? Need to sort out a problem? Ride. It works. Motorcycle riding releases endorphins which improve moods. Simple as that. 
Studies show that riding motorcycles, both on and off-road, have both physical and mental health benefits. 

Riding motorcycles is good therapy.

Veteran and co-founder of the V-Twin Project Aaron Perry said in a statement for the Portland Tribune “Out there nothing takes hold — especially not pain, anxiety, exasperation or fear.” (Haugen, 2014).

Motorcycle riding is fun but it can also increase the quality of life for riders. Some veterans even say it is the antidote to stress. In an article similarly titled For military veterans, motorcycle ride provides an antidote to stress (Barrett) Brian Steuber a former U.S. Army staff sergeant says “My medical prescription is 800-plus pounds of American-made metal and chrome. No drug can compare; no feeling is better. That’s why I ride.” This is a common theme among vets who ride and many would like to see more vets on motorcycles.